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Date 2012-10-05.06:50:29
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> The implementation of platform.architecture shells out to the file command. It tries to escape quotes by replacing " with \", but that's not sufficient.
> $ python3.2 -c 'import platform; platform.architecture("foo\\\"; echo Hi there > /tmp/Z; echo \\\"")' && cat /tmp/Z
> Hi there
> Here's a patch to make it use subprocess instead. I haven't tested it thoroughly building everything from trunk and running tests, but I verified it works by replacing the in my system Python install.

I think a much better patch would be to test for existence of the
file in question. File names rarely use any of the mentioned quoting
and most certainly not for an executable, so if the check fails, that's
a good indication that something is not right.

Perhaps such a check could be added in addition to the other things
in the patch ?

BTW: It's probably better to discuss such patches on the tracker first,
before applying them to the code base. It becomes difficult discussing
patches that have already been partially applied to the code.

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