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Date 2012-10-02.11:53:08
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Exactly, with my implemantation "the lock acquired first will be granted first". There is no way that either shared nor exclusive locks can starve, and therefore it should satisfy all use cases. Since you can only share simple datastructures like integers across processes, I also found that this seems to be the only policy (except ignoring the acquisition order at all), that can be implemented for multiprocessing.

I have also looked at the seqlock algorithm, which seems to be great for use cases where the exclusive lock is acquired rather rarely and where your "reader" code is in fact read-only and therefore can be repeated. But in any other case a seqlock would break your code. However the algorithm is ultra simple and can't be implemented as lock-like object anyway. Though you could implement it as context manager, but that would hide the fact that the "reader" code will be repeated. So if you find yourself that a seqlock is that what you need for your specific use case, you can just use the algorithm like below:

lock = multiprocessing.Value(0)
count = multiprocessing.Value(0)

def do_read():
  while True:
    if count.value % 2:
    data = ...
    if count.value % 2:
    return data

def do_write(data):
  with lock:
    count.value += 1
    # write data
    count.value += 1

I have also experimented with implementing a shared/exclusive lock on top of a pipe and UNIX file locks ( However it works only on Unix and only with processes (not threads). Also it turned out that UNIX file locks don't implement an acquisition order. So exclusive locks can starve, which renders it useless for most use cases.
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