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Date 2012-09-19.12:08:29
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Code of the failing test:
import faulthandler
import time

def func(timeout, repeat, cancel, file, loops):
    for loop in range(loops):
        faulthandler.dump_tracebacks_later(timeout, repeat=repeat, file=file)
        if cancel:
        time.sleep(timeout * 5)  # line 9
        faulthandler.cancel_dump_tracebacks_later()   # line 10

timeout = {timeout}
repeat = {repeat}
cancel = {cancel}
loops = {loops}
if {has_filename}:
    file = open({filename}, "wb")
    file = None
func(timeout, repeat, cancel, file, loops)
if file is not None:
If the test fails at line 10: it means that it failed to dump the
traceback in 2.5 seconds, whereas the traceback must be dumped after a
timeout of 0.5 second.

Do you know if the system load of this particular buildbot is high? It
would be nice to have the system load in the output of the buildbot.

We might change the timeout, but it is already long.
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