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Author ezio.melotti
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Date 2012-09-19.01:49:18
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I think I'm -1 on this, for the following reasons:
 * it's less explicit;
 * it gives you less control (I'm thinking e.g. at the () added by :func:/:meth: but not :class:, so that :func:`int` and :class:`int` are rendered in different ways);
 * even though this might have been OK if we used it from the beginning, now we are using specific roles everywhere, and changing them will either result in a mass update or in a mixed style -- none of which are desirable;
 * if the mass update is done and later on we change our mind, it's difficult to switch back from `...` to :role:`...`.

Disabling `...` sounds OK to me (I don't think we have many left, if any).
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