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Date 2012-09-15.14:41:45
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In the doc it says:

Assigning a new value to instances of the pointer types c_char_p, c_wchar_p, and c_void_p changes the memory location they point to, not the contents of the memory block [...].

>>> s = "Hello, World"
>>> c_s = c_wchar_p(s)
>>> print(c_s)
c_wchar_p('Hello, World')
>>> c_s.value = "Hi, there"
>>> print(c_s)
c_wchar_p('Hi, there')
>>> print(s)                 # first object is unchanged
Hello, World

However, c_s it's not getting "Hi, there" as "the memory location it points to", otherwise next access will surely segfault.

OTOH, if it *does* change the memory location, but the value is cached locally, which is the point of letting it change the memory location? Shouldn't it raise AttributeError or something?

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