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Author belopolsky
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Date 2012-09-10.02:46:40
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For some reason there are no review links, so I'll review in this message.


+typedef struct {
+} _datetimemodulestate;

Names exposed in public headers (datetime.h is a public header) should start with Py or _Py. Other offenders include _datetimemodule_state, _datetimemodule, _datetimemodulestate_global.

I don't think these names need to be defined in the header file at all.  

+typedef struct {
+    /* Forward declarations. */
+    PyObject *PyDateTime_DateType;
+    PyObject *PyDateTime_DateTimeType;

These are not forward declarations anymore.  There is no need for PyDateTime_ prefix.  Use names from  PyDateTime_CAPI struct.
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