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Date 2012-09-09.21:37:59
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I'm not sure what's the best approach here.

1. Avoid changes in the Lib, and document a work-around, which involves
   installing an opener with the specific User-agent. The draw-back is that it
   modifies the behaviour of urlopen() globally, so that change affects any
   other call to urllib.request.urlopen.

2. Revert to the old way, using an instance of a FancyURLopener (or URLopener),
   in the RobotFileParser class. This requires a modification of the Lib, but
   allows us to modify only the behaviour of that specific instance of
   RobotFileParser. The user could sub-class FancyURLopener, set the appropiate
   version string.

I attach a script, tested against the ``default`` branch of the mercurial
repository. It shows the work around for python3.3.
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