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Date 2012-09-07.17:46:17
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I think the patch for issue 15645 was incorrect. Instead of generating the pickles in the source tree and copying them, it should have arranged lib2to3 to generate them in the target directory instead (just as all the compileall invocations also generate files in LIBDEST).

There are multiple ways to achieve this. The least intrusive (perhaps) is to insert "$(DESTDIR)$(LIBDEST)" into sys.path before importing lib2to3 in the Makefile.

The approach that I suggest is to make lib2to3.pgen2.driver a script which expects a .txt path, and generates a pickle next to it, so the installation would do

$(PYTHON_FOR_BUILD) -m lib2to3.pgen2.driver $(DESTDIR)$(LIBDEST)/lib2to3/Grammar.txt
$(PYTHON_FOR_BUILD) -m lib2to3.pgen2.driver $(DESTDIR)$(LIBDEST)/lib2to3/PatternGrammar.txt
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