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> I'm reopening this bug because I've noticed that in Python3.3rc1,
> although trying to print curses.ACS_HLINE and other such characters
> no long cause an Exception, only blank characters are printed to
> the screen.

If the Python curses module is compiled in Unicode mode (if curses.unget_wch() is present), addch(int) calls the C function wadd_wch() or mvwadd_wch(), instead of waddch() or mvwaddch(). It looks like the *_wch() family does not support characters like curses.ACS_HLINE.

My commit fixes the issue.

@Nicholas.Cole: Can you please try the last development version (default branch)?

@georg.brandl: Can you please include the important fix 27b5bd5f0e4c in Python 3.3 final?
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