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Date 2012-08-21.16:08:01
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Umm, no. The whole point of the GILState API is that you can call it from a thread which knows *nothing* about Python.

It will then use the *process global* state in the pystate.c statics to initialise that thread with a Python thread state. Currently, that thread state will always be for the main Python interpreter for the process.

All Graham wants is an officially supported way to change which interpreter the pystate.c globals reference *without* shutting down and reinitialising Python completely.

There are going to be limitations on how effective this will be - it still won't support *all* extension modules that use the PyGILState APIs. It will, however, support many more of them than the status quo (which is zero, unless you force your WSGI app to use the main interpreter, which has its own problems).

And you absolutely can control when the OS switches threads - controlling that is what synchronisation primitives are *for*.
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