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My understanding of the mod_wsgi architecture is that it uses subinterpreters to maintain a persistent process, while still providing a relatively pristine interpreter state to handle each new request. This means even when you're using multiple processes with a single request handling thread per process, you're running a subinterpreter unless you explicitly configure mod_wsgi to always run in the main interpreter (which, I believe, will result in additional state persistence across requests).

The proposed API change can only fix scenarios where *at a given point in time*, *all* PyGILState_Ensure calls should be directed to a particular subinterpreter. The target subinterpreter may change *later*, but there still cannot be two desired targets within the same process at the same time.

However, at the moment, PyGILState doesn't even allow that - all externally created threads are handled in the *main* interpreter even if that isn't what the embedding application wants.
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