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Date 2012-08-21.03:05:28
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I believe the issue Ronald is referring to is Issue9670.  I tried your test program with a current MacPorts Python 2.7.3 and Django 1.4 and, as Ross saw, it failed gracefully with a "maximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object" exception.  Note in that issue there is currently no perfect fix for this: we've had to heuristically adjust the maximum default stack size based on experience with different compilers and trying not to unnecessarily increase memory usage for pathological cases.  The last adjustment was released in 2.7.2, so presumably not in the compiler used for the Apple-supplied Python 2.7.1 in Lion.  I'm going to close this as a duplicate of #9670.  Feel free to reopen if the problem can be reproduced with a current 2.7.3 or if someone has a better long-term solution.
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