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Date 2012-08-20.13:46:43
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Python crashes when I try to access (by sending http request from borwser) my Django application.

OS: Mac OSX Lion
Python version: 2.7.1 (This was pre-bundled with OS and not a MacPort).

There isn't a simple test case but I do have an open source app which where I am able to replicate this always on my system.

0. Make sure you have Django 1.4 installed.
1. Download the code at
2. cd to django-select2/testapp folder.
3. Use python runserver & to run the server.
4. Now try accessing . It should crash immediately.

Lines which seem to cause the crash. Follow the following instructions and the application won't crash again.
1. Open django_select2/
2. Comment line 128, uncomment line 129.
3. Uncomment line 156 and comment lines 158 and 159.
4. Now run the app again. This time it should work.
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