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> I think the reason that it is only this buildbot which fails is that the other Windows buildbots don't use multiple processes.  Therefore they don't use a different dir for each test.

That might be it.  Also the failure possibly only happens when
multiple builds are being run thus slowing down process creation and

> Would this cause a handle leak if os.waitpid() is not used?

It seems so, yes.

So to expand on #4:
4a) create a new handle type that closes the handles on dealloc
4b) return the process ID instead using GetProcessId() and callers
interested in waiting would then need to use _winapi.OpenProcess() to
convert it to a handle for os.waitpid() or
4c) add a third optional argument to os.startfile() "mode" that mimics
the mode semantics of the os.spawn*() functions
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