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Author stefanholek
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Date 2012-08-14.08:16:19
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After upgrading 3.3.0b1 to b2 (make install to same location) I noticed that the Grammar pickles for beta.2 were missing (the beta.1 pickles still being there).

The result is permission errors and/or virtualenv SandboxViolations, when 2to3 is used for the first time. E.g.:

SandboxViolation: open('/usr/local/python3.3/lib/python3.3/lib2to3/Grammar3.3.0.beta.2.pickle', 'wb') {}

This is because users of Python (as opposed to root) may of course not write to the library dir.

The pickles are created fine on a fresh install of Python 3.3.0b2 (make install to new location).
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