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Martin v. L??wis <> wrote:
> Here is a more formal definition of my last proposal,
> v and w are equal iff
> v.shape() == w.shape() and
>   ((v.format == w.format and v.tobytes() == w.tobytes()) or
>    v.tolist() == w.tolist())
> if tolist raises an exception for unsupported codes, they are not equal

This wouldn't solve the NaN problem though:

>>> nd = ndarray([(1,2)], shape=[1], format='dd', flags=ND_WRITABLE)
>>> nd[0] = (float('nan'), float('nan'))
>>> m = memoryview(nd)
>>> m == nd

What's the policy on importing modules in the Object/* hierarchy? Can we
import _struct?

The current unpack_cmp() function for identical single native format codes
is very fast. The only thing that would be needed to make it general is
to replace

   default: return -1;


   default: return unpack_cmp_struct();

The code is already there in _testbuffer.c. _testbuffer.c itself has 100%
code coverage (including all error conditions with a special patch).

This means that all tests are already present in
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