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Date 2012-08-11.19:16:32
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There's still work to be done. The current status in 3.3 trunk is that:

Wide build:
>>> memoryview(array("u")).format

Narrow build:
>>> memoryview(array("u")).format

Neither of these are valid struct formats, thus they don't play nicely with the assumptions of memoryview (or any other PEP 3118 consumer). Stefan's memoryview changes are needed because there are *valid* struct formats that memoryview doesn't understand (yet), but it's only coincidental that they will reduce the severity of this problem.

Victor's latest patch switches the 'w' and 'u' for the appropriate integer sizes 'I' and 'H' which I think is an excellent approach.

There are also the post-reversion documentation changes Georg requested to bring the docs back into line with PEP 393
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