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Author chris.jerdonek
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Date 2012-08-08.21:36:13
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subprocess.Popen() with universal_newlines=True does not convert line breaks correctly when the preferred encoding is UTF-16.  For example, the following code--

code = r"import sys; sys.stdout.buffer.write('a\r\nb'.encode('utf-16'))"
args = [sys.executable, '-c', code]
popen = Popen(args, universal_newlines=True, stdin=PIPE, stdout=PIPE)


('a\n\nb', None)

instead of--

('a\nb', None)

The reason is that the code attempts to convert newlines before decoding to unicode instead of after:

I am attaching a failing test case.  I will upload a patch shortly.

Also see the related documentation issue 15561.
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