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I agree that the general case is complicated.  It will get even more complicated if the full of PEP 3118 gets implemented since it turns into a tree comparison.  In general, I think you will probably have to compute some canonical form and then compare the canonical forms.

Here are a few more cases that don't work out in the attached algorithm:

  1. Repeat characters - '2c' == 'cc'
  2. Whitespace - 'h   h' == 'hh' 

Also, currently the byte order specifiers are always at the beginning of the string.  We discussed in issue3132 scoping them per the nested structures, but decided to drop that unless somebody barks about it since it is fairly complicated without a clear benefit.  So, I wouldn't worry about them being scattered through the string.

This seems like sort of a slippery slope.  I need to think about it more, but my first impression is that coming up with some way to compare format strings is going to be nasty.
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