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Date 2012-08-08.02:35:55
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Under certain circumstances, the curses function addstr() will cause a segfault in python3.2.3 and python2.7.3.

Necessary, but not sufficient conditions are:
1. the window has been resized while curses was running
2. addstr() attempts to write a string that doesn't fit into the window, resulting in the cursors y-position being outside of the boundaries (which would normally only raise a _curses.error)

Instead of the "Segmentation Fault" message, I also sometimes get one of these two messages when python crashes:
*** glibc detected *** python2.7: corrupted double-linked list: 0x0949cc98 ***
python2.7: malloc.c:3964: _int_free: Assertion `nextchunk->fd_nextsize->bk_nextsize == nextchunk' failed.

To my shame, I didn't try to debug python myself, and I can't offer a minimal program to reproduce this bug, but I did find a way to reproduce it in the python program "ranger":

Link to the bug in rangers bug tracker with steps to reproduce:

Download link to the affected version of ranger:
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