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On 05/08/12 03:45, Mark Dickinson wrote:

> It would make sense to add float.is_infinite and (possibly) float.is_finite
> methods at the same time.

If you don't add is_finite, you know someone is going to express surprise that 
it wasn't already done. Just as happened with math.isfinite :)

> The second has to do with finding a nice
> type-agnostic way of determing whether something is a NaN---anyone mind if
> I open a separate issue for this?

Please do.

> Two questions:  (1) What would you think about raising ValueError
> explicitly for the signaling NaN case [...]   (2) Should we apply
> the fix to 2.7 and/or 3.2 as well?

Agree to both. I think this counts as a bug report and not a new feature.

> I'll look at extending Steven's fix to the cdecimal code

Thank you :)
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