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Date 2012-08-01.18:35:55
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> Yes, I saw your patch, but I don't want to create very long filename.
Not all platforms support paths longer than 500 characters.

I think you may have a slight misunderstanding.  My patch was not meant to test paths over 500 characters.  It tests a path *under* 500 characters (but slightly over 100 characters).  And it has the same style and portability characteristics as the existing ".*" tests.

> My patch is different than yours: it checks that the string is
truncated, not that string shorter than the limit are not truncated.

Yes, your patch is different in two ways. :) It tests function names instead of paths, and length > 500 instead of 100 < length < 500.  I think there is value in adding a file path test because code changes over time, so it may not always be using the same code path as function names.

I agree that it is okay to leave out a file path test for longer than 500 characters for the portability reasons you stated.
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