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> No. Please stick to one issue at a time, and distutils2 may come back (google for details).

I was asking only to determine whether to create a new issue -- not to have that issue addressed here.

> It seems to me there are missing words in the text, and it needs porting to the packaging docs.

Okay, I misunderstood and thought there was more to do.  Since Martin said packaging has been removed, all that is left is to add √Čric's requested modifications to 3.3 (and make the collected change to 2.7 and 3.2).

Patch attached.  The commit message can be something like:

Issue #15231: minor adjustment to prior fix committed in f315cfa22630 regarding, "update PyPI upload doc to say --no-raw passed to"

I included a Misc/NEWS entry since that was left out of the previous commit.

Also, incidentally, there was a typo in the issue number of the commit message for the previous commit, which explains why Roundup did not post here.
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