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1. I agree with you about exclusion from 3.3.

2. Hmm. Good question. For now virtualenv has support for cmd.exe, csh, fish, bash/zsh and PowerShell.
I propose to add csh and fish to venv too. 
If later somebody will push request for adding yet another shell support we can consider it. Personally I doubt if we will see many requests for that.

3. Which standard way to append new activation script in third-party tool? I see th only way: inherit from `venv.EnvBuilder` and override `setup_scripts` method pointing to new directory with desired activators as `path` parameter for `self.install_scripts(...)`.
Also that third-party tool have to reimplement functionality of `create` and `main` functions with setting up ArgumentParser. Doesn't look like trivial steps if you wish to just add single activation script.
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