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Date 2012-07-14.17:06:18
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Ugh, I don't exactly love the idea of adding a method to any of importlib's finders simply because PJE didn't try to make this non-standard API part of PEP 302 or something. But basically pkgutil is worthless without doing something about this damn iter_modules() method that the module keeps expecting.

Nick's proposal of adding importlib._bootstrap.FileFinder._iter_modules() is probably the best we can do with the timeline we have. But if we do this then I want to deprecate pkgutil in Python 3.4 and we can then get a proper API that is documented for module discovery and can have whatever helper code is needed in importlib (since namespace packages take care of the need for extend_path() and the only other use for pkgutil). That's the only deal I'm willing to strike here if we are going to keep pkgutil working in Python 3.3 as people expect.
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