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Author dmaurer
Date 2004-05-26.11:28:57
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The Python documentation currently asserts that signals are
delivered only to the main thread.

I think we can deviate from this assertion for signals that
are not normally used by applications but are used by the OS
to indicate abnormal execution conditions (like SIGSEGV,
SIGBUS and friends).   We should at least make sure that
such abnormal conditions lead to a proper process shutdown
-- as early as possible.
I doubt that we should change the assertion for signals
usually used by applications.

Patch 949332 seems to be an appropriate short term solution
- until we come up with something better. I would really
like it to land already in Python 2.3.4. I will apply it for
our productive Python environments because I am convinced
that it will improve behaviour compared to the current
state. I can report back should we see unexpected behaviour.
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