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Actually this is a real test case error.  The problem is observed when the system under test is connected to subnet "10.0.x.x".  The requested address ( is then a broadcast address for the subnet.  On OS X and (I believe) BSD networking systems, the connect system call checks for this (see man 3 connect) and is documented to fail with:

   [EACCES]  The destination address is a broadcast address and the
             socket option SO_BROADCAST is not set.

When running on a testing Debian Linux 3.2.0 kernel in a VM, the same connect fails with: Errno 113] No route to host, which results in the test being skipped with:
Resource '' is not available

The test could be changed to pick a (hopefully unused) non-broadcast address or support.transient_internet could add EACCES to its default_errnos, possibly just for BSD/OSX platforms.
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