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Author langmead
Date 2004-05-07.13:59:21
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mwh wrote: "when there's a modern, actually working implementation of 
pthreads, I don't think we actually need to block signals at all."

The bug report that caused the patch to be created was originally 
reported on Solaris, which has a more correct pthreads implementation. 
I'm now wondering if that problem was not caused by signals being 
handled by the spawned threads, but rather that the signal handler does 
a check for "if (getpid() == main_pid)" rather than 
"(PyThread_get_thread_ident() == main_thread)". One a standard's 
compliant pthreads implementation, and even on Solaris, getpid() will 
always "==" "main_pid".

For the Linux case, we may have a more modern working threads 
implementation now, but when the old LinuxThreads style behavior was 
out and deployed for 8 years or so, it will probably be around for a 
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