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This kind of "debug your code" is the kind of thing I've gotten used to from the Clang C/C++ compiler. Granted, compiled languages have an advantage here, but enough residual information remains for the interpreter at runtime.

And I am in no way suggesting that *every* attempt to call a non-function have the extra information.

For the cases where the error message is given, something like:
TypeError: 'tuple' object is not callable (missing preceding comma?)

The case of a homogenous container is the most important case.

I've offered two different ways to figure out whether it's a typo or an attempt to call an object that you honestly think is callable:
1. Is the called object a newly-constructed (refcount=1) tuple literal? (Also works for list, set, and dictionary literals; probably wouldn't work for string literals due to interning)
2. Does the false call occur within a container literal or function call?

I'm not intimately familiar with python bytecode or interpreter, but I'm sure anyone who is could extract this information.
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