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Author Joshua.Cogliati
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Date 2012-07-05.16:48:18
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> Joshua: what command did you run under strace?

A program I created that embeds python3.  I could create a minimum piece of code that triggered the bug if needed.

> Maybe it would be better to use L"python3.2" for Python 3.2 and L"python3.3" for Python 3.3.

L"python3.2" and L"python3.3" would work better than the current L"python" since calculate_path assumes that progname is the name of an actual executable for python 3.  It only sorta works now with L"python" if python 2 and python 3 are installed in the same location, which was not the case for me since python 2 came with the system and python 3 was a local install.
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