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Adding Python to the end of the PATH would very much help Windows
non-experts who don't even know what a PATH is.

IMO, when Python 3.4 comes out, it'd make sense add Python to the end
of the PATH by default.  This'd help those non-experts a lot.

On 7/4/12, Brian Curtin <> wrote:
> Brian Curtin <> added the comment:
> We don't need to stay with some paradigm if it's not the best way. If I can
> get any of these ways to work, I may post some type of survey on
> python-dev.
> Adding to the end wouldn't make this much of a feature. Most users have
> already put another Python into their path, so if they decide they want to
> add 3.3 to it, this option barely helps them.
> Anyway, just about everything relating to this feature has been discussed on
> the above mentioned lists over a long period of time. The feature is
> implemented as is, it has already been released, and it's staying that way
> for 3.3. All we can do is tweak the GUI.
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