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`ast.literal_eval` is very strict on names, so it seems to lack some "literals" that may be result of `repr` on built-in objects.

-> Obvious cases:


both result on ValueError.

-> Not so obvious:

nan_name = repr(float('nan'))
ast.literal_eval(nan_name) # ValueError

inf_name = repr(float('inf'))
ast.literal_eval(inf_name)  # ValueError

ast.literal_eval("2e308") # == inf

`nan` and `inf` are not literals (at least "inf" should be, but that's another problem), but their representations are not possible to be evaluated unlike any other float numbers with maybe precision loss. 

I think `literal_eval` should include these 3 names the same way it accepts True, False and None.

Another case, that I personally don't care, but seems plausible would be `NotImplemented`.
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