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Hi Murray!

I use a lot od parametrized tests. I usually use the ENV to pass these
parameters and/or a custon configuration file.

What is your approach to parametrize all the test stuff?



On 31 May 2012 03:57, R. David Murray <> wrote:

> R. David Murray <> added the comment:
> People interested in this issue might be interested in changeset
> e6a33938b03f.  I use parameterized unit tests in email a lot, and was
> annoyed by the fact that I couldn't run the tests individually using the
> unittest CLI.  The fix for that turned out to be trivial, but by the time I
> figured it out, I'd already written most of the metaclass.  So since the
> metaclass reduces the boilerplate (albeit at the cost of looking like black
> magic), I decided to go with it.  And the metaclass at least avoids the
> rather questionable use of the "modify locals()" hack I was using before.
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