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Yes, some INCREF may be missing.  The issue may be with the callback mechanism; these are usually difficult to get right.

Actually by pure luck I found suspect code that may be the cause of this crash:
in src/event/, the "Args" tuple is first allocated, but item #1 is not set.  It's a bit wrong (try to print it!) but if does not leak outside, it won't probably crash here; gc traverse function luckily skips NULL pointers.
BUT in raise_event(), this Args[1] is set to an event object, which is DECREF'd afterwards.  The pointer now points to invalid memory, and next gc.collect() will crash...

I also found other issues with reference counting here and there (ex: in src/python/, PyTuple_SET_ITEM (new_tuple, i, Py_None) steals one reference to Py_None each time!)

There are many bugs in this application to fix before we can impute CPython.
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