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Did you read "Unfortunately, delimiter is represented by a character in C." in one of the answers? If so, this should be rejected. For the posted problem, I added the following.

>>> list(s[1:-1] for s in '"1234"||"abcd"||"a1s1"'.split('||'))
['1234', 'abcd', 'a1s1']

re.split is intended for general splitting tasks. The SO had other posted solutions that also do the job. So I do not see the need.

Using commas both within quoted fields and between fields is semi-sensible, or at least widely done. Anyway, csv was designed for that and then generalized. I do not see the need to cater to something as foolish and rare as using a multichar delimiter that is also within fields.

I suggest you post enhancement ideas on python-ideas first, as it is a better place for discussion and reaches more people.
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