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the updated patch addresses:

 - fix typo mentioned in msg156044

 - don't use the host python during build and installation

 - for include files and libraries, use the search directories
   provided by gcc, and only fall back to hard coded
   directories for native builds.

 - fix the dpkg-architecture call for cross builds

 - pass the --host and --build arguments to the libffi build

 - fix the pydebug check, taken from issue #3871.

The patch introduces two new variables, which are set in the environment for cross builds:

 - _PROJECT_BASE is used by Lib/ to point to the
   current source, while using the python3 interpreter of the
   build machine, so that the Makefile and the pyconfig.h are
   read from the current sources.

 - _HOST_PLATFORM is used to override the get_platform calls
   in Lib/, Lib/distutils/ and
   Yes, distutils is frozen, however this change shouldn't
   break anything else. It only relies on one environment
   variable _HOST_PLATFORM, so if this is an issue, then the
   name can be obfuscated even more.

tested with a cross build for arm-linux-gnueabihf on x86_64-linux-gnu, and a native build.
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