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I believe this was due to this line:
within is_waiting_for_gil(), and your gdb returned None for for your build.

I've changed it to:
   name =
   if name:
       return name.startswith('pthread_cond_timedwait')
in my latest version.

I've also bulletproofed against the --without-threads case by simply
skipping the cases that fail (some tests run into this gdb error:
   Cannot find new threads: generic error
unless we add as a workaround, but it
seems that trying to add that workaround is more risky (what path?) than
simply skipping the tests under those circumstances.

Tested successfully on a Fedora 15 x86_64 box (gdb-7.3-43.fc15.x86_64)
with these configurations:
  * --with-pydebug
  * --with-pydebug --enable-shared
  * (no flags = optimized)
  * --enable-shared (optimized)
  * --with-pydebug --without-threads

(Note that because of issue #14774 I have to regenerate between each configuration, otherwise it gets confused
about whether or not the build is optimized)
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