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Date 2012-06-27.13:04:05
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OK, I've run out of time to look, but the culprit looks like it's an odd interaction between my_fgets in myreadline.c and the interrupt handler in signal. There's a section of code which is conditional on ERROR_OPERATION_ABORTED being returned from fgets in the CRT. 

That then tries to play ball with a the interrupt handler having fired already (in a separate thread) by sleeping for one second and checking that the handler was tripped. If it has then the function returns one and stuff happens elsewhere; it it hasn't then the function behaves as if EOF (ie Ctrl-Z) was pressed and Python exits.

That's as far as I've got; it looks like a race condition of some sort but I can't see where. I'm not 100% sure that the SIGINT handler is tripping.
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