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I'm attaching an updated version of the patch; I hope there's still time before Saturday to get it into 3.3

I found a bug in the configure script in the old patch: /usr/bin/dtrace was required, even without requesting systemtap.  I've fixed it by adding a new "SYSTEMTAPDEPS" to the configure.a/  A minor subtlety: within the's --with-systemtap branch it is set up like this:
where the leading backslash is needed so that $(srcdir) doesn't get interpreted by the shell when running configure as "run the command named 'srcdir'".

I also added removal of $(srcdir)/Python/pysystemtap.h to the "clean" target

I made a slight change to the static markers themselves: they now pass a 4th argument, the PyFrameObject*, since it's possible to make use of this to inspect locals etc from systemtap, which might be of use to people.  This doesn't introduce any further complexity to the ceval.c code.

I moved the documentation from the devguide back to the cpython source tree, rewrote it as a HOWTO (Doc/howto/instrumentation.rst), adding some extra material (e.g. about tapsets).   I also added a NEWS item.

Tested on a Fedora 15 box with these configurations:
  * --with-pydebug (implicit --without-systemtap)
  * explicitly --without-systemtap
  * --with-pydebug --with-systemtap
  * --with-pydebug --enable-shared --with-systemtap
  * --enable-shared --with-systemtap
(note that because of issue 14774 I had to rebuild each time, or the tests fail due to being confused about whether we were configured with --enable-shared)

How is this looking?
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