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Author larry
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Date 2012-06-21.08:23:38
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New patch!  What's new:

* The big change: I removed the "fd=" parameters.  Now, functions that
  accept either a path or a file descriptor simply take either as their
  "path" argument.  I ran it by Guido and he thought it sounded fine,
  so I tried it--and I think it's a definite improvement.  (Thanks to
  Jim Jewett for suggesting it--tbh I'd considered it before, but
  looking at it through fresh eyes helped!)

* Also new in this patch: you can now LBYL for the fd, dir_fd, and
  follow_symlinks parameters.  Just check to see if the function is
  in os.supports_<name of parameter>.  For example:
     if os.chown in os.supports_dir_fd:
         os.chown(path, dir_fd=whatnot)

* The third big bit of news: the patch works under Windows!

* I attempted to support Mac OS X 10.3, specifically the weak linking
  to statvfs, fstatvfs, and lchown.  However I don't have a Mac (much
  less one running 10.3) so I can't test this.

I *think* the docstrings are all fixed.  The only thing I know that
needs to be done are the docs (and Misc/NEWS).

I really wanna get this in before the feature freeze.  I promise to
support it through the betas... can I puh-leez check it in?
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