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First off, thank you for your response.

> The existence of an import lock is deliberately omitted from the text,
> and the reader is supposed to abide by the restriction as written
> regardless of the motivation behind it.

> The entire notion of an import lock is obsolete. Python 3.3 does not
> have that anymore.

" This warning is still valid but for a different reason " or " this warning is no longer valid in 3.3 "?

Assuming the first (which is what I guess based on the fact the deadlock still occurs in 3.3), I think the text can still be improved; the current wording suggests to me

a) it's OK to wait for a thread as long as you did not create it


b) it's OK to import something that waits for a thread as long as you do it from the main module

 - while both cases can still lead to a deadlock. 

so, leaving the implementation details out, this is my suggestion:

"Firstly, an import should not have the side effect of waiting for a thread in any way. This can lead to a deadlock if that thread directly or indirectly attempts to import a module."
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