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> which, I think, fails to make the main point:

I disagree. It currently makes it main point, but stops doing so
under your rephrasing. The main point of that section is

"While the import machinery is thread-safe, there are two key
restrictions on threaded imports due to inherent limitations in the way
that thread-safety is provided:"

The existence of an import lock is deliberately omitted from the text,
and the reader is supposed to abide by the restriction as written
regardless of the motivation behind it.

> Adding example code and/or a flow diagram might be a bit too much,
> but it does clarify how easy it is to make this mistake. See the
> attached for an example (both a simple example script, as well as a
> flow diagram explaining what happens).

The entire notion of an import lock is obsolete. Python 3.3 does not
have that anymore.
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