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Date 2012-06-04.03:01:50
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i12510.test.diff (for Python 3 only) does the following:

* Turn method CallTips.get_entity into a module function as it does not use the self parameter and is therefore not really an instance method.

* Delete the erroneous _find_constructor function. Even if it were fixed, it is unnecessary at least in 3.x. Class attribute lookup already does the superclass search duplicated in this function and should find object.__init__ if nothing else. (I defaulted to None anyway in case of an unforeseen problem, such as a type subclass that somehow disables the lookup.)

* In get_argspec, remove the lambda stuff that resulted in all classes getting a spurious '()' line. With the fix to retrieving .__init__, it never gets used and is not needed anyway.

* Only delete 'self' from the argument list for classes and bound methods where it is implicit and not to be explicity entered.

* Increase tests from 13 to 37.

* Modernize and re-organize tests with an eye to becoming part of an idlelib test suite.

With the increased number of tests, I am pretty confident in the patch, but I would not mind if you glance at it and try it out on Linux.
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