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Then either the signer or the verifier (or both) are broken per RFC 2046 (unless there has been an update that isn't referenced from the RFC).  Section clearly indicates that the ending delimiter ends at the trailing --.  In particular, *transports* are allowed to add whitespace before the trailing CRLF, and receivers are to handle this case.

You might want to report bugs about that to the appropriate projects.

That said, there seems to be little harm in adding a CRLF, and some argument in its favor, since the RFC also says that the CRLF before the next boundary is conceptually part of it, and by that interpretation a CRLF could be considered missing (though I think technically it isn't...the reason for the rule is to disambiguate preceding *body* parts that end or don't end in a CRLF, and here we are dealing with an unambiguous ending boundary delimiter).

We'll need some tests for this.
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