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Author mitya57
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Date 2012-06-02.06:52:20
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Trying to write a email-sending script with PGP-signing functionality, I stumbled upon a problem (see [1]): it was impossible to sign mutlipart emails (actually the signing was performed, but the verifying programs thought that the signature is bad).

After comparing messages produced by email.generator and popular mail clients (Evolution, KMail), I've found out that the mail clients always add line breaks after ending boundaries.

The attached patch makes email.generator behave like all email clients. After applying it, it's possible to sign even complicated mails like "multipart/alternate with attachments".

An illustration:

 --====1==     # Part 1 (base message) begin
 --====2==     # Part 1.1 begin
 --====2==     # Part 1.2 begin
 --====2==--   # Part 1 end
               # There should be empty line here
 --====1==     # Part 2 (signature) begin
 --====1==--   # End of the message

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