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Author eric.snow
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Date 2012-05-31.06:21:56
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> History with dictproxy means I'm also OK with "new type by stealth".
> Perhaps add some tests to check "type(sys.implementation)()" does
> something sane?

Test added.  Here's what happens:

  >>> cls = type(sys.implementation)
  >>> cls()
  >>> cls(x=1, y=2)
  namespace(x=1, y=2)

Though it's not immediately a problem, "vars(cls(x=1, y=2))" returns "{}", while "ns=cls(x=1, y=2); vars(ns)" returns "{'x': 1, 'y': 2}"!

Certainly it's a corner case, but it could indicate a more sinister problem.  Regardless, I'll track down the root cause and fix it.  As far as I can tell, this odd behavior does not impact sys.implementation.
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