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> It seems the patch relies on a two's complement representation of
> integers. Mark, do you think that's ok?

(1) Relying on two's complement integers seems fine to me:  we're already relying on it in other places in Python (e.g., bitwise operations for ints in Python 2.x); it seems unlikely Python's going to run into current or future hardware that uses anything else; and any special-case code for ones' complement or sign-magnitude is going to be essentially unused and awkward to test, so it's probably better not to have it in the codebase at all.

In an ideal world, I guess we'd add some configure-time tests for two's complement so that in the unlikely event that Python *does* meet a non two's complement platform the build fails early with a clear message rather than the tests failing in strange ways.

(2) The bit that Martin identifies: relying on conversion from unsigned to signed doing a wraparound modulo 2**<suitable n> is a bit more troubling;  it's something that I try to avoid where possible, but that's not always easy.  I don't recall ever having encountered this causing problems in practice, though---it feels like a leftover from a non-two's complement world where processors would have a hard time giving wraparound semantics, so the C standard didn't want to require it.  Again, if we're going to rely on this, it would probably make sense to have some configure-time checks; and it would be better not to rely on it at all without a really good reason.
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