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> Hello, as a GSoC student, I'm working on PyPI to Debian repository converter.
Great!  I hope you’re aware of previous efforts like stdeb (unfortunately requires setuptools) and py2rpm (for rpm systems but some parts can be inspiration, like the download code).  I follow debian-python so we may encounter each other there.

> I wanted to compare  versions of packages available in PyPI and it broke while comparing appwsgi,
> wsgi-design ('default') and gar ('prototype.1') versions.
I wonder why you need to compare versions from different projects.  What is “it” in “it broke”?  If it’s a regular distutils command, please paste the full command and log; if you meant you used the LooseVersion class in your code, then I’m afraid I will say this won’t be fixed: this is not a public class.  distutils2.version however does contain a public class that implements PEP 386; even if the project is still in alpha (and I want to make a few renamings and API changes), you can still use it (and when I break your code a quick look at the CHANGES file will help you update).
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