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Date 2012-05-22.21:16:48
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> Are you still willing to rework the patches?

Sure. Now that I've actually looked at unicode_format.h it looks like the biggest (relevant) difference might just be that the file isn't named string_format.h, so I suspect it will be pretty straightforward.

> And as I said already earlier, it wouldn't hurt if this was taken to 
> python-dev once more. If there's a good, working patch ready, it might 
> make it easier to gain consensus.

Maybe, but the last time it went to python-dev (in December) there was little discussion at all, and the patches that exist now worked on the codebase as it existed then. Anyway, it seems as if progress is being made on PEP 420, so perhaps better to let Eric take a look before bringing it up again?
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