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Date 2012-05-16.09:14:56
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> Well, other tests manage it even without using a private socket map.
> Leaving dangling sockets in the socket map could mean your code
> forgets to close them, for example.

This issue is not about getting test_logging to work in a particular way; test_logging is exercising SMTPHandler and (AFAIK) tidying up after itself, with no sockets left open.

When working on the test, I just noticed that smtpd forces use of the global socket map, which is not ideal ("The fact that asyncore uses a global socket map is surely unfortunate" - Giampaolo). Given that asyncore's design allows for a socket map to be passed in (at least in part - RDM's comment), ISTM that it should support this consistently, and also that smtpd should support this mode of use.
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